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The Fuzz Man is still racing and zoooman.  Buzz's success in TR-4's was awesome.  Feared even by the group 44 boys.  Equal
success in IMSA with (of all things) an AMC Gremlin and then Toyota's straight from his dealership.  Still hanging with the gorgeous
Ronnie - buzzz now zooms in Florida
Dick Smith worked at IBM with
Spankey and worked races all up and down the east coast.  Still living in Vestal you can find RCS looking for another joust with Linda Vaughn at
the Glen Vintage Races
We called Woody the Goat because of his
Goatee.  Woody raced a Morgan for a couple years and was always around as a course worker and marshal.  Suddenly, from nowhere we found he was more than just a guy... when he bought and sponsored a Can-Am Lola T-70 for Bucher.