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#77 Bruce Peckham
Man Mountain Peckham was voted
a member or we all would have died.  A great friend of Morris Garage and
Sherm and Joan Decker, when Peckham was in the house things
were never dull.
  #79 Millard "Rip" Ripley
Rip was a VW dealer in Ithaca.  Being so close to Watkins got his road racing juices flowing and he started young.  A National Champ in a Lola, Rip drove Porsche Spyders and that beautiful Bobsy-Porsche to many victories.  And we cannot forget his early days in those MkI and II Elvas.  Rip resides in sunny southern Florida these days
#80 Harry Reynolds
Harry was never normal.  He was and is just a bit brighter than most and has tastes that one could call "eclectic".  Somehow kept his Torking Dog Lotus running for years and progressed through Formula C and more Lotii.  Now writing the ultimate book and is racing the original F III's.  Also living in Florida
    #85 Bobby Valashinas  
#87 Pat Pulver Lamb
Given the name "The Queen" because of her
regal bearing.  We all loved Pat and she was our semi-groupie.  She always wore dark glasses because her eyes were light sensitive.  She married Lyndon Gilker - why we never knew.  Finally got things right and re-married and lives in Washington State
    #88 Pete Smith  
#92 Mark Bucher
The son of Bob and Kay Bucher, little Jake hung at the races with Dad and
is now the proud father of two boys
of his own.  Lives in Vestal, NY and
plays drums and sails his boat around
Cayuga lake
  #93 Fred Stevenson
W.P.F. Stevenson, one fast and funny guy.  Wicked in a formula car - it was odd his National Championship came in CSR.  Always the New England gent in dress - Freddy was (and is) a redneck, beer drinking fella.  Still lives near Lime Rock and can be found at the bar at the White Hart Inn