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#66 Bob Poupard
The rebel from Americus arrived in Binghamton via IBM where he engineered stuff for the space program.  Poupard drove a series of MGA's and F Vees and made sure all his cars were light "Poupard" blue.  After racing he became a national class shooter
and now lives in Alabama
  #67 Sherm Decker
1929 - 1987
What can you say about Decker?  He was simply as fast as anybody ever was.  From winning MG's to Lola T-70's and even F vees, If it had wheels Decker would make it go.  A football player turned race driver and mechanic, Decker later turned to golf - and as you would expect, became great.
#68 Joan Decker

Every BARCBOYs dream girl and Decker's sweetheart wife.  Nobody looked better in shorts than Joan.  Still in Oneonta our gal will come to
the Glen on occasion
  #69 Jerry Kenyon
1942 - 1993
In addition to being a car guy, Jerry was a good friend, a great father, and
a would be musician and artist.  He
left us far too soon.
#69 Bruce Cargill
1937 - 2008
A brute of a guy, Cargill started with an XK120 Jag.  A great mechanic he later drove in the BF Goodrich challenge in a semi factory Dodge Colt.  Most famous for being able to chug any amount of beer anybody could pour down his considerable mouth
  #72 Chuck Dietrich
(Suzie Dietrich)
Chuck Dietrich was a pioneer in SCCA racing and a National Champ in G Mod sports car and formula B.  He often drove with his wife Suzie - who was as good a driver as she was good looking.  The Dietrich's were special people
#74 Ed Shantz

"Deegar" was a scientist at Cornell and the epitome of the absent minded genius.  Chain smoking and racing were passions and Ed raced both Sprites and Vees in-between figuring our the complexities of the world
    #75 Ted Rounds
Rounds was a classmate of Sherm Decker's
and a master mechanic.  We got to know Ted when we pestered him to death to get time at his service stations.  he drove the 57 Sebring car to many wins in 1959, made the Stickley twin cam hum and then hung up his gloves.  Ted lives in Pa and is retired.