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#54 Oscar Kovaleski
Oscar is singular.  Nobody can be said to be like Oscar.  Entrepreneur, racer, story teller and road race icon.  From TC MG's to
"Car 54 Where Are You" to the original Cannonball and Can-Am MCLaren's Oscar has driven all of them and made us enjoy
the sport more by simply being
    #55 Elaine Kovaleski

By being the wife of Oscar and
always smiling and beautiful she
is guaranteed her reward in heaven
#57 Charlie Kurtz
1935 - 1964
One of our hero's, Charlie defended BARC against the elitist SCCA gents when they claimed we were ruining the sport.  Charlie raced everything from MGA's to Lola's to AC Bristols to Porsche Spyders and won in everything.  It was a tragic traffic accident that took #57 from us
#58 Sandra Kurtz Leitzinger
1936 - 2002
Sandra was simply a great racers wife
and Mom.  Wife to Charlie Kurtz and Bob Leitzinger Sandra could keep a lap chart
of 30 cars and then go and paint like a Master.  An elegant woman by any standard.

#59 Doug March
Doug was unfortunate enough to be born across the street from Nicholas.  A great athlete and a 10sec 100 yarder in high school.  Doug raced beautifully prepared
F-Vees before deciding to go back to school and is now a Chiropractor in Georgia
waiting   #61 Jack Deren
Mechanic extraordinaire we got to
know Jack as he rebuilt and maintained Oscar's monsters and now is THE
man for BMW and Can-Am vintage.
  #62 Bob Christiansen
waiting     #63 Karen Christiansen waiting