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It wasn't long before women became full fledged members.  Almost all of them were chosen by Dave Zych.  #2 had lots of power as he wrote and published the BARC Gazette and could simply print whatever he wanted.

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#29 Bob Bucher
1920 - 1981
Big Jake, is one of the greatest drivers in
SCCA history. He could drive and win in just about anything,  from  a Cadillac Allard, to Spankey Smith's MGA, to Lotuses,  Lola T-70s,  Ferraris, and he probably could have done well in Formula 1 if the opportunity ever arose.  An F-Modified National Champion in SCCA, Bucher also enjoyed yachting as his relaxing pastime. He was a member of the exclusive Road Racing Drivers' Club.  Bob remains the epitome of BARC racing champions.
    #40 Steve Elfenbien
? - 2004

Corvette racer from Philly, Steve won
his share of races.  Numerous hill climb victories, you could always count on that blue #8 being around at the finish. 
#41 D. Charles Stell
A strong competitor in an MGA and later a Formula Vee, he prepared his cars for himself and wife, Francine.  Charlie now lives in NC with Stephanie
and gave up on British cars for Miata's.
    #42 Francine Stell
Wife of D. Charles and a very
fast MG driver herself.  Bob Poupard
always worried she would beat him.
It never happened.  Francine left
us in 2002.
#43 Bud Hofer
The longtime beau of Judy Beattie
and a master craftsman of wood furniture.  Bud was always accompanied by his faithful pipe and a good camera.  Finally decided to tie the knot a few years ago - Harry Reynolds said he hopes the marriage lasts half as long as the affair.
  #44 Sam Feinstein

Sam the Sham was most famous for his
427 Cobra.  You can buy models of it today.  We met Sam driving a Lotus Super 7 and there was no doubt this party boy was BARC material.
#47 Phyllis Friedland

The wife of Alan (#14), Phyllis was
and still is a stunning redhead.  Originally from the Philadelphia area they now live in Florida
  #52 Dick Grime
Rapid Richard is shown here after winning the Queen Catherine Cup at the Glen in 1968.  Started in hill climbs and ended with a Lotus 23.. the quick one lives in Collegeville, PA and says he has stories "to fill a book"