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How did we find one another?  One way was the Steve Vail manufactured
BARF window shade.  At left, Ted Rounds sits atop his legendary
Chrysler tow car proudly advertising the Fraternal Meeting place

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  #18 Larry Mazar     #19 Morris Wheat
Another IBM guy that worked with Spankey, Bucher and Dick Smith, Morris met Spankey in San Antonio in the Army.  Now living in Florida we
see Morris and Liz at the Glen most
every fall.
#21 Don Yenko
1927 - 1987
Simply one of the best and most fun guys to live.  Yenko drove hard and lived hard. A genius in design and marketing, Yenko brought the world the Stinger and countless
other specialty cars that are revered today.
We remember him best for his smile, his laugh, his totally sideways driving style and buzzing us at 100' leaving Nelson Ledges one Sunday evening.
We'd love
another shot
of  Don 
  #22 Tom James
Tom became a BARC member in 1960 when he drove a gorgeous 3.8 Jaguar which won first in class at the New York State Fair Concourse d'Elegance.  As principal of Oakdale School,  Tom generously let the BARC Gazette staff use the school's duplicating machine to print the Gazette.  He was Regional Exec of the Southern New York Region SCCA. Today, Tom and his wife Rae Jean live in Upstate New York in the warm months and Florida in the colder months.
#23 Donna Mae Mims
The Think Pink Lady of SCCA racing, Donna Mae became a BARC member in 1963 and made history as the first woman racer to win an SCCA National Championship in her H-Production Sprite.  She's raced everything from Yenko Stingahs to a Cadillac Limo in the Canonball Baker Trophy Dash.  A true enthusiast for cars and life, Donna Mae is one of BARC's favorites and lives outside Pittsburgh
  #24 John Zych
Little Zike, brother of BARC #2 has been involved with sports cars since his older brother got involved with MGs and Lotus racers.  He's been to many races and was on hand for his brother's second driver's school at the Glen in 1967.  Today he is a valued employee on the Binghamton Press-Sun Bulletin and is a golfer
of semi-pro caliber.
  #25 Judy Ruston
Den Mother Judy made it tough for
Gordy Ruston (#15) not to marry her.  She got us through a lot of rough nights, worked fulltime, raised two girls and kept Gordy from the law.
'Nuff said.
    #26 Mickey Cohen
One of the Scranton crowd, Mickey
was a hard chargin guy.  We saw him first in an MGA and later in a fast
Lotus 23.  Oscar reports Mickey is
doing fine but had a bad motorcycle accident and lost a leg.