BARC Members are selected not purchased
Only people the boyz thought cool could get in.  Some were permanent members, others associate members.  Nobody ever said no to a membership.  Every member had their own favorite number
and were issued a membership card
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  #9 George Valashinas

Val came along just in time to get into
the formula Vee craze.  Val was part of the
family machine shop enterprise and always
has his famous red Caddy convertible ready
to go anywhere at any time.  He splits his time now between Florida and SC
    #11 Karl Stickley

Karl became a member in 1960.  The owner of a photo processing lab Stickley-Siver, Karl was generous in providing free prints for the BARC Gazette.  He had a 1960 MGA that both he and Ted Rounds raced.

#13 Judy Beattie

One of BARC’s first members from the Philadelphia area, Judy raced a Lotus Super 7 with great success and later moved up to a Lotus 23 sports racer. Besides her skill as a great driver, she is also remembered as a hottie and an expert at spiking a watermelon with vodka.

    #14 Gene Osborne

 Gene became a member in 1960.  He owned many sports cars, from MGs to Ferraris.  His “Sweethaven” estate and airport hangar was home to tons of racing memorabilia as well as a location for some of BARC’s best parties.  He was an important figure in the founding of the Southern New York Region of SCCA.

  #14 Alan Friedland 
Another of our Philly area members, Alan first was on the scene with a gorgeous BMW 507.  Honest, he raced one!  Alan switched to a Lotus Super 7 but his fame came with his very fast Elva which he won a National Championship.  Later drove a Lotus 30, but will always be most envied for Phyllis.
    #15 Gordy Ruston

Gordy became a member of BARC in 1960 and was the proud owner of an Austin Healey 100-4.  He was a successful racer in an MGA Twin Cam and today is an integral part of Joe Tierno’s racing team.  Still a Healey enthusiast, he has a beautiful red Healey 3000 as well as the ex-Bob Poupard MGA 1600 Mk.II Deluxe .  An ex President of BARC, Gordy is what BARC is all about.

#16 Roy Bishara 
1940 - 1988
Joined BARC in 1961 with an MGTD, moving up to an MGA and later into a Chevy Bel Air.  Wrote occasional columns for the BARC Gazette (Bishotz Reports) and enjoyed going to races, rallys,and club meetings.  Roy passed away but his number remains on the roster.
waiting   #17 Ron Hadlock 

Ron was a professor of Geology at
SUNY Binghamton.  A quiet looking man, Hadlock was nobody to mess with,  and a few of us  have stories to prove it.  Ron left Binghamton to teach at Florida State in Tallahassee.
Does anybody
know where Ron
Hadlock is