BARC Members are selected not purchased
Only people the boyz thought cool could get in.  Some were permanent members, others associate members.  Nobody ever said no to a membership.  Every member had their own favorite number
and were issued a membership card

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#029 Spankey Smith
1925 - 1986
The Godfather of BARC.  BARCboys doesn't exist today without his influence.
  #1 Bob Leitzinger
 Bob won his first of 5 SCCA Division championships in 1965 driving a Lotus Elan. A decade later he became one of Datsun’s primary racers in the U.S. with 4 Division titles in B Sedan and C Production.  Bob won the 1989 Camel GTU Drivers Championship in a 240SX.  Son ain't bad either.
#2 Dave Zych
Dave has been a member of BARC since its start in 1958.  He was editor of the BARC Gazette for about 20 years. His first car was an MGTD in 1959.  He later bought the 1957 Sebring MGA that was raced by Ted Rounds and then bought and raced a Lotus 20, highlights being a class win at the Reading Road Races in 1968 and a fourth overall at Marlboro after staring last on the grid. He was also named “Rookie of the Year” by the Southern New York Region of SCCA that year.
#4 Butch Hollenbeck

Butch has been a member of BARC since 1958.
  He met up with the boys at Watkins Glen and entertained us at his dad’s restaurant "Phil's" in Montour Falls. He remains active today in national and regional SCCA racing crewing for his son and lives in Nevada.
#5 Joe Tierno
Joe is a charter member of BARC and has the distinction of being the youngest member ever of SCCA.  He joined in 1955  at the age
of 13,
  His first car was an MGA that he ice raced and currently he races the ex-Spankey Smith 029 MGA. He was awarded the Collier Cup race at the Zippo Vintage Car Races at Watkins Glen in 1988 and 1994.  Joe lives
with wife Bridget near Rochester, NY
  #6 Dave Nicholas

OK, who's gonna write
about me?
#7 Steve Vail
1941 - 2001

Steve was an original member in 1958. His nickname was “the Cardiff Giant,” because of his 6’ 2” height.  He made BARC history in 1960 with his creation of the BARF window shade, one of the BARC’s priceless icons.  Steve passed away in 2001, leaving a void in BARC that will never be filled.

  #8 John E Kelley

Eells became a member of BARC in 1959 after the Glen Classic races of that year.
  He was a champion go-kart racer, accomplished photographer, and enjoyed  touring all of the east coast’s racing circuits in the famous Kelley Jeep.
Today John sells yachts and lives in Florida