BARC - the Binghamton Automobile Racing Club was formed in 1958 by four teenagers from Binghamton, New York.  Joe Tierno,
Dave Zych, Steve Vail and Dave Nicholas all had a burning passion for sports cars and road racing.  The BARC boys hooked up with
Ed Spankey Smith and became his photographers.  Sleeping in cars, sleezy hotels or flopping on the ground, they traveled the entire
East Coast SCCA scene from Sebring to San Jovite.

Now some 50 years later the work they did gives an insiders glimpse of how things were.  Spectator fencing? Hell, there were no
fences between the race track and the pits at Sebring.  Covered, air conditioned garages?  BARC towed the factory BRM F1 cars
from the Ford garage in Watkins Glen to the original course because there was no paved paddock much less garages.

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Zych scowls at camera, Nicholas in a fog
and Tierno shows physique at  MGCC 1959 Watkins Glen with modified TC
Southern NY SCCA dinner.  Vail is already stoned, Tierno with a vest, Nicholas and
Zych looking suave
Camp BARC. Sebring 1964.  L to R,
Nicholas, Kenyon, ?, Valashinas and
Gordy and Chianti
Proving that there is no fool like an old fool,
Ruston rides with Tierno in 029 while Kevin Richards (L) and Michael Eaton (R) all show their enthusiasm - 2007
Steve Vail's Remembrances BARC REUNION PHOTOS Dave Zych's 1963 First History of BARC
the guy who kept us all

Joe Tierno - To Sebring & back on $30

Nicholas 1961 Sebring Race Report

BARC gazette vol 1 #1

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