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                  photo credits: Michael Eaton - the Dave Ash collection
The winning #3 Chaparral, with Jim Hall and Hap Sharp driving Hall qualified 1st, 10 seconds faster than Miles in the GT-40.  It was no fluke and they won by 4 laps Here 3 & 4 splash through the
aftermath of The Storm which slowed the race to a crawl
Bet you didn't know BruceJennings
co-drove #4 Chaparral
He shared #4 with Ronnie Hissom.  The car had problems and ended
up 22nd OA
Bruce McLaren & Ken Miles were
2nd in #11 GT-40.  #10 was a DNF with a rear suspension failure
The Fords were simply not as
quick as the Chaparrals  much to the disappointment of Shelby
Brit David Piper and F1 star Tony Maggs drove Pipers green 250LM Ferrari to 3rd overall Another shot of a truly beautiful machine at the old hairpin Lake Underwood &
Gunther Klass took #40 to 5th OA.  narrowly  beating #39
Bob Bondurant & Joe Schlessler
drove #15 to 4th OA and first GT
Ed Leslie/Alan Grant were 3rd
of the coupes and 13th OA
A neat poster celebrates
the Cobra's Sebring win
Bob Johnson and Tom Payne were
2d and 8th OA two laps behind #15
Lew Spencer and Jim Adams had Phil Hill join them in #16, but were
far back 2 laps behind a Sprite
Shelby brought 4 Daytona coupes fresh from the victory at Daytona to
another 1-2-3 at Sebring
Lots of power to get it sideways
exiting the hairpin
Later another poster
celebrated their GT World Championship
The heavy rains did not affect
the Daytona coupes too badly
Saturday started bright and sunny. Look at the crowd here in the early
hours of the day