BARC invades central PA once again for the annual fall bash at Reading.
Races in the morning and the afternoon for every class gave all
the entrants lots of track time.  Once again Reading proves home to many
BARC racers - Alan Friedland, Buzz Marcus, Oscar, Ed Shantz, Doug March,
Judy Beattie, Sam Feinstein, Harry Reynolds, Dick Grime, Mickey Cohen
and D. Charles Stell

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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Stan Kaprowski, Dick Grime, Harry Reynolds

Alan Friedland takes his checkered flag with Oscar's Kovaleski's GM winning Lotus 23 behind Friedland (barc #14) gives Marcus a
ride after a practice run
The view most had of Friedland's
Elva..  Only Al Shall's 6 liter CM special beat him all weekend.
We're not sure why the started is
headed towards James Sutter's
Sutter Special - but he is
Sutter chases Mickey Cohen (barc #26) in his GM Elva.
Joe Cam started the afternoon Formula
race in this "auto haus" but dnf'd.  Peter Rerl's FIII was also dnf
Doug March (barc#59) in his vee
placed 7th in the feature formula race,
last of the day in the rain
Sam The Sham Feinstein (barc #44)throws his Super 7 into a corner.
Sam dnf'd both races
Early in race 11 Sam trails the Judy
Beattie (barc#13) Lotus S7. Beattie
got a 1st & a 2nd in CP
Eleanor Fronina drove her Morgan
to 5th in the am, but never finished
in the afternoon

Race 1 HP                  race 2 CP & EP

Race 3 Formula        Race 4 Sedan&GP

Race 5 FP & HM       Race 6 A, B &DP

Harry Reynolds Torking Dog II

Race 7 C to GM               Race 8 HP
Race 9 Sedan&GP       Race 10 FP & HM
Race 11 C&EP           Race 12 A,B &DP
Race 13 C to GM         Race 14 Formula