BARC invades central PA once again for the annual fall bash at Reading.
Races in the morning and the afternoon for every class gave all
the entrants lots of track time.

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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Stan Kaprowski

Start of the A,B,DP race
Everything from Cobra's to MGB's
Hal Keck's Archway Ford 427
Cobra easily won the battle of
the V8's every race
Ned Owen had Skip Scott's 350GT
He was quick and finished 2nd in the morning but faded to 4th in the last.
Bert Karlman's Corvette locked
up the brakes and DNF in morning but came 6th in the afternoon
John Bolton's 427 faired better
to a 3rd overall and second in AP in both races
Keck begins to pull away from
Owen to a sure first place in the
big Cobra
Three MGB's have a race of their
own inside the big bore event
T. Laughton won DP in race 6 in
this MGB and his co driver P Spier got a 2nd in race 12 
Nels Sanborn's Corvair took sedan
honors in race 4 but was 2nd to the
Mini in race 9
Jim Murphy's Mini-Cooper S was
first sedan in race 9 but 4th tin
top in the morning race 4

Joe Cam's Morgan took two firsts
in GP and overall with sedans 
Howard Hanna, by now a legend, took his DB to two 2nds behind Cam Buzz Marcus' Alpine pushes Ken Gee in an HM Lotus 7. They split overall wins on the day All ended well Gee won HM and Marcus FP in each race.  Here they ride on the victory lap. Ken Gee's checkered lap 
in the 750cc Lotus