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photo credits:  Jack Deren, Dave Zych, Roy Des Ruisseaux

Werner Wagner checks over the Rat Cooper. Grossman in the LeMans Ferrari Decker (67) Dietrich(57) Lowther (7) Grossman(96) Kneeland (1) Decker and Chuck Dietrich look over at the starter and wait for the green Flag comes down and the main
feature race is off
Ed Lowther's Genie hole shots
Decker and leads into the first turn
formula jr #91 drives through paddock Friedlands are happy after race
Harry Reynold (L) Deren &
Judy Beattie congratulate
V8 Ford stuffed in the back of the Greenwich Foreign Cars Cooper Business end of Bob Sinn's
Cooper Chevy
Nicholas adjusts high speed
shades on Jack Deren