SCCA National Races Page2
May 1965
Great weekend for National racing.  BARC was
there in force.  Spankey, Decker, Zych, Donna Mae, Yenko, Friedland, Nicholas, Beattie, Oscar, Alderman, Bishara, Leitzinger, Feinstein, Reynolds with great race results

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photo credits:  Jack Deren, Dave Zych, Roy Des Ruisseaux


S. A.  Gillilands Elva gets some
help from a willing crew member
HM was a weird class.  Everything
from beautiful OSCA's to home specials
John Iglehart's Bobsy-OSCA was darn near unbeatable in HM GM winner Jack Lawrence at speed Jack Lawrence after a great win in GM
Bob Johnson and Dick Thompson share a laugh.  Johnson won BP
in GT350
Newt Davis and the gorgeous
Lotus 30
Dick Gilmartin's Spitfire by
Group 44 wins GP
Doc Wylie and wife PEg after their victory lap in E Mod  Elva-BMW  Donna Mae (23) and Brian
Fuerstenau in dominant TR-3's
Alan and Phyllis look at the
business end of the Elva
Brad Picard's MGB sits in the
shade and waits for battle
Judy Beattie and the 1st Mrs,
Nicholas watch the action
Skinny Al Loquasto drove a big
AP Vetter
George Alderman and wife
have their own way around paddock