Donna Mae Mims story Pg 1
SCCA National Races
May 1965
Decker wins in the Cooper Ford, Nicholas
drives his first SCCA national, Donna Mae comes second, Alan Friedland wins class
dozens of BARC members at the races

65 Cumberland Pg2     65 Cumberland Pg3     58 Cumberland
60 Cumberland     61 Cumberland  62 Cumberland   Cumberland Home  

photo credits:  Jack Deren, Dave Zych, Roy Des Ruisseaux

Donna Mae Mims story Pg 2
Nice color shot of the cooper
sitting in the paddock
Sherm on the grid with
mechanic Werner Wagner checking
Decker sits next to Elva of other
BARC member Chuck Dietrich
The Rat Cooper from the
back - what most drivers saw
that day in West Maryland
Decker wins easily in the
Cooper Ford
Jerry Bouton rides with Decker on
the way to the grid
After the win, Decker savors a
beer and chats with Newt David
Nicholas at speed in his first
SCCA National
DN in his Indy drivers suit with pit
crew cousin Roy Bishara and
Fred Reynolds
FP entry list showing that even
though a late entry - #6 was there
The Dick Holquist 275LM Ferrari with
a happy passenger
We're sorry this woman got in
the way of the grid shot
Tom O'brien's Ferrari listed with Robert Hutchins as the driver
What beautiful lines Finally a shot of the Ferrari
without any distractions