1965 and later BRIDGEHAMPTON
By 1962 The Bridge was hosting FIA World Sportscar Championship races as well as SCCA races.  The famous Bridgehamptn double 500's.  In 1964 BARC member Sherm Decker shocked the world by staying in the top 3 in the "Rat Cooper"ahead of Pedro Rodriguez in his Factory Ferrari 275P.  In 1965 the USRRC came to the Bridge along with the Chaparrals.  Starting in 1966 the USRRC faded as the Can-Am began.  Bob Bucher was at the Can-Am in the Young-BARF racing Lola T-70.  At the USRRC Sherm was now in a Lola and Oscar Kovaleski in a Cooper Chev.
BARC had moved up into the BigTime.   By 1970 both the Can-Am and the USRRC were gone and the only
big race was a Trans-Am.  In 1971 a Camel GT 3 hour closed the doors on pro racing at The Bridge

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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Spankey Smith, unknown
Bob Bucher signals he is coming into
the pits in the Young-BARF racing Lola
Jake sits and confers with Earl
McMullen, his crew chief
Decker in the Lola T-70 at the '66
USRRC race
Sherm sits and waits for the race to
start.  Always a tough time
Polish Race Drivers Association and BARC member Oscar Kovaleski in his
Cooper Chev-USRRC 1966
Earl is looking at something while a young
Nicholas dreams of driving it.  Woody Young stands at the far right
Sherm's fantastic ride in the old Rat
Cooper at the 1964 USRRC
John Morton in a Lotus 23 Porsche finished
8th at the '66 USRRC
Morton is still racing in vintage today
Chuck Parsons in the Genie Chev
was a DNF at the USRRC
Oscar (r) confers with George Wintersteen
who was driving a Corvette Gran Sport
Sherm leads the race in front of eventual winner Gerry Grant.  Decker DNF'd after 3 laps Sherm takes his helmet off after the Lola breaks.  Owner John Bunch (plaid)
looks on
Two BARC babes.  Joan Decker (r)
and Lois Nicholas at the pit wall
Bud Morley in his McLaren MkII at USRRC 1966.  No it is not Mark Donohue Many time SCCA champion Jerry Hansen
in a very modified Lotus 19.  Might be the
car Gurney drove at Sebring '65