1965 and later BRIDGEHAMPTON
Bridgehampton was scary fast.  Mostly right hand turns with the lower part of the kidney shape known as
Echo Valley or The Lefts.  If you were a hero you took the 2 fast downhill right hand corners down to Millstone flat out.
The best of the best raced The Bridge in the Can-Am, Trans-Am and USRRC

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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Spankey Smith, unknown
SCCA 1968.  Jerry Truit's Midget owned
by MG legend Hank Thorpe.  Truitt was
GP Nat'l champ in 1967
Down in Echo Valley Truit leads
Bob Sharps Datsun at the '68 Nationals
The Team Spreen from Hackensack, NJ
in the pits.
Horst Kwech in an Alfa T33 at the
1968 USRRC.  He was a DNF
BARC member Sam Posey in the Caldwell
D7B in 1966 was also a DNF
The fabulous Mark Donohue in the Penske
McLaren Mk 6B.  Penske's cars were
always drop dead gorgeous.  And Fast
Brian O'BNeil's Lola T-70 joined 11 others as a DNF.
 Seven finished, 12 did not. 
That's how it was back then
Patches were often part of the race
packet that drivers got at registration