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The whole BARC crowd was there.  Decker in Spank's Vee, Nicholas in the MGA, Buzz Marcus and Sam Feinstein in their Lotus super 7's. Alan Friedland in the Elva 7, Harry Reynold's Lotus 11, Donna Mae  and Dick Grime in MGB's, Steve Elfenbein's vette and
young Bob Leitzinger in an Austin-Healey. Oscar's Ferrari-Chev, Mickey Cohen in an Alfa
and Don Yenko in a Genie-Chevelle !  George Valashinas & D Charles Stell in Vees.
Quite a gathering
never seen before and not again until the 2008 reunion.

Not many shots exist - if you have more, send them in !
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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Stan Kaprowski, Dick Grime, Harry Rynolds

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Judy Beattie/Hofer collection
First big road race for Nicholas in
the MkII brought 2 trophies
This was the kind of race course
an aggressive drive could make
up for a lack of horsepower
DN wearing a sweater passes a
stop sign and spectators.  Are they
waiting to cross the street?
A big thrill was Nicholas' battle
with the experienced and fast Ken
Williamson.  Nicholas beat him.
Big push onto the runways as
young Nicholas gets ready to pass
Fred Reynolds
BARC's vees sleep under
Yenko's trailer while the
Nicholas MGA sits and guards
Willis Weldon's FP Lotus 7 was
no match for the MG's and TR's.
Alan Friedland still has the BMW
rondel on his helmet as he take
the new Elva 7 Ford to victory
Harry Reynolds Torking Dog
Lotus 11 wins GM
1965 and Nicholas grabs a trophy
and the race queen.  Does she
still remember that kiss?