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The boys have cars and find their way back to Florida
for what appears to be the last trip for a while.  A stop at Daytona for spring break
and on to the race.  Camping, Beer, Sneaking past the guards.  Not so many
great photos, but lots of great memories

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photo credits:  Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas, Gordy Ruston, Others
Nicholas at the back of BOLU the famous 50 Ford towcar George Valashinas in Dad's 60
Caddy Convertable
The Parks/Maglioli winning
Ferrari arrives
Football at Daytona. We had some college girls until the Georgia football team arrived BARCBOYS 1964
Can you identify?
Gurney/Bob Johnson Cobra ran strong but Johnson smashed into Gina Lollobrigida's brothers Alfa in a fiery nighttime disaster Roger Penske/Jim Hall Gran Sport
Corvette finished 18th overall
Nicholas lifts Gordy to tie off a
tent rope.  Note Ruston's "desert boots"
Hugh Dibley in the Stirling Moss entered Lotus Elan also went out in an accident Dick Holquist/McElvey Simca Abarth
completed 139 laps and 3rd in 1.3L class
Surtees/Bandini Ferrari led but had problems to finish 3rd.  Bandini would win LeMans later that summer Nicholas in MG jacket inside the Daytona Speedway museum Huge Ford Galaxie in the Sebring
3 hour sedan race
Look closely
Yes that is an Alligator in Lake Sebring
Surtees and mechanics fix the problem that took them out of the lead in the 9th hour