GHNL 2/ 108593

Plain Black was not
good enough for such a car..
hence yellow wheels and
front valance and always
a BARC sticker
The car always raced with
a #6 on it.  Sometimes eyes
painted on the headlights and
once with teeth in the grille
1963 Glen Drivers school.  It is not DN at the wheel but Charlie Kurtz.
Note the X showing it's an instructor driving the car.  Instructors followed students and reported their progress and skills.
Gaining skills, Car and driver set a new FP record at Nelsen Ledges and starts on the pole.  First race with limited slip diff & he blows start by fishtailing - pushes Donna Mae but cannot get by her to finish 2d (i think) Following Ben Fowkes at Reading airport.  Note WWII barracks and stop sign.  This was really road racing complete with traffic lights and fire hydrants, one of which got knocked over in practice flooding the course
1964 Dubois, PA. Igor MkII with
Bolu, its trusty 1950 Ford tow car.  Helmet, drivers shirt, beer can.  Those were the days when racing was dangerous and sex was safe
Chubby Face on the grid for his first SCCA national.  Straight from the motor pool at Fort Dix.  Never use army brake fluid in a race car !!!  Note name painted on door a la NASCAR
"Nick Nicholas"
Passing on the first lap was important with a stock engine.  Here DN lives his motto "If The Good Lord Gives
25 Feet of Road, Use 26".
Not sure where I finished, but that
MG handled like a dream.

In the chicane at the Glen in 65. The mechanical genius was broke and
ended up changing the dif from a 4.8 to a 4.5 for the long Glen straights himself.  Got it wrong and it broke - a rare DNF for the Mk II on this June day
I still have this trophy from 1964 Reading.  I'm curious if the Queen thinks back all those 43 years ago and wonders where that guy went...  Kissing Queens was not common.  But some things never change.
64 at Dubois, PA on an old airport.  Lots of racing on old airports in the 50's & 60's.  Nothing to show the way around the course but hay bales or boxes!!  I think we won a trophy this day 65 Cumberland with cousin Roy Bishara on the start grid.  #6 may have been the first road racer to
wear an honest Simpson Indy race drivers suit.  Yellow stripes with
black piping
Reading airport.  Big U turn at the
end of a runway.  The cars close ratio gearbox worked fantastic here as I could take the corner at high revs in 2d where other A's bogged down in 3rd gear
Shown are the only two color
photos I have of the car
Concerned look.  First "real" competition for the car and the driver.  No roll bar, no harness, short sleeve shirt with an alligator.  We didn't
need no stinking safety gear
in 1963
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If only this were in color.  Yellow flowers in the field.  Hah, none of the new courses have pasture flowers to park next to.  Note dent in fender.  The car made me do it