1963 MGA Mk II Deluxe  GHNL2 / 108593

1963 MGA Mk II Deluxe  GHNL2/ 108593  
Purchased 1/1963, first registered 1/9/1963
Delivered with close ratio gearbox, 1622cc motor, 4 wheel disc brakes,
knock off disc wheels.  Black with red interior
Purchased at Morris Garage, Maryland, New York

first registration for 108593

Original Owner:   Dave Nicholas  Binghamton, New York
Second Owner:   Jerry Kenyon,  Lisle, New York
Third Owner:       Joe Tierno/Gordy Ruston
Fourth Owner:     Dan Suter, Rochester, New York
Back in the day a US citizen could not race in the States until they reached the age of 21.  So BARC founder Nicholas had to be content with racing go-karts, gymkhana's and rallye's.  But in the winter of 1962, Gordy Morris called #6 with a special deal on a brand new MGA MkII deluxe.  Basically the car was a left over twin-cam with a 1622cc pushrod motor and new tail lights.  It was exactly what Nicholas needed.  Money was a big problem for Dave and he convinced his father to co-sign the loan to buy the car by promising to be the hardest working, best son ever and to forget about racing cars or going fast.

The first event for the car was the Keene Hillclimb in Keene, New York.  This wasn't considered a full SCCA event so Nicholas was able to enter without having gone to an SCCA drivers school.

Pictured on the left is Nicholas looking anxious sitting in line for the start as Sherm Decker tweaks those mysterious SU carbs and Bob Poupard and George Valashinas look on.  The car came with a close ratio 4 speed that was terrific once you were rolling, but had a very high first gear that made it tough to get off the line.  Regardless, the kid took a third place that day in a totally stock MGA.  Drive to the race, take off the windshield, muffler and spare tire; paste on the numbers and windscreen and give it a go.

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