63 Entry to #69

BARC returns yet again.  Charlie Kurtz stars in his RS-60, Poupard
very fast in the MkII, D. Charles & Francine Stell, Chuck Dietrich i
Gerry Mong's Bobsy, Oscar in the Senators Lotus 23, Doc
Shantz in an early Formcar.  By now Dunkirk was an annual
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photo credits:  Spankey Smith, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych,

61 Entry from #82
Charlie Kurtz's silver RS-60 Kurtz on the back straight - note houses
in the background
Charlie showed great style in the Porsche
here turning into one of the tight turns
Just another shot of a great driver in a
gorgeous car.
Bob Poupard shades his eyes from the
bright Summer sun
Poupard had grown faster every year and chased down and passed Charlie Redmond Poupard here passing one of the Stells.  Was it D. Charles or Francine > Gerry Mong's beautiful Bobsy with
Chuck Dietrich driving

Professor Ed Shantz from Cornell.  "Deegar"
was a very un-professorial BARC member
Gary Morgan's great Morgan-Abarth
won HM
Doug Jones in his Sprite was one of
the first black drivers in the region
Binghamtons Dr. George Voigt.  Loved his
Porsches and raced when he could