The Reading course
SCCA Regional Races
BARC was there, but only a few photos and no results exist.
We think this was the last race for Bucher's Porsche's and
one of the last for the Team Poupard MkII deluxe.

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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Stan Kaprowski, Lou Schultz Jr
The #39 Porsche Carrera accelerates
hard out of the hairpin. 1962
Bucher's RS-60 comes off the road
onto the runways.
The last thing FP drivers wanted
to see was Sherm Decker
This shot show why.  The man would wring water out of a stone if it had wheels on it.
Ithaca's Ed Shantz, barc #74 sits on
pit lane waiting practice.
Shantz loved his Sprite.  Nicknamed
Deegar, Shantz was a professor of
Nuclear studies at Cornell.
An AC Bristol leads Morgan out
of the hairpin - note fire hydrant
Reading was one of the first race
meets to allow sedans.  A  pair of Volvo's slide onto the runway. 
  Lou's son was there at Reading with Dad
and the other young barc boys
Lou Schultz Sr. with his MGA.  We don't have results so we don't know how he did