SCCA National Races
May11-12, 1962

62 Cumberland Pg1   Return to BARC Home

photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E. Kelley

Bucher sits in his Porsche on the
false grid with mechanic
Earl McMullen alongside
Ithaca, NY's Rip Ripley is ready
to go.  Kel-Cooper on the left,
Big Allard behind
Holbert is ready and hoping he can out drag that big Lister & Corvette
to the first corner 
Bucher is figuring out if he
wants the goggles or shield
Bucher has Swan on this lap
and they were never any farther apart
for the whole race
Another shot of BARC member
Bob Bucher aka
the Binghamton Bullet
Amazing how close we were able
to get to the track to take these
shots, and we were only 20 !! 
Holbert brakes and turns into one
of the few left hand turns
Rip Ripley with Teddy Mayer soon
to be of McLaren fame
(hands in pockets)
Formula JR grid with winner
Tim Mayer #2, Peter Revson #3
and Bill Smith #106
BARC founders Tierno (L) and
Nicholas (C) plan strategy with
driver of #66 Bob Poupard
The sparkling MGA MkII of BARC
member Bob Poupard waits battle 
Poupard puts the helmet on and
gets ready to head out in FP race
OOPS - somewhere Poupard has hit somebody.  The mild mannered
Southern gentleman didn't do it often
Ripley (white) Tim Mayer (shades) Teddy Mayer (short) Bucher (R) at drivers meeting. Tim was killed in 64