McCluggage suits up as the barcboys
watch. We crewed her to a win !!
1961 Sebring page 2

The Birdcages were a year old and a new rear engined version was ready
and two appeared.  BARC members Bob Bucher & Sherm Decker were paired
in an Aston Martin DB4GT.  The boys renewed with Denise McCluggage
and Alan Eager in a Ferrari GT.  BARC had made the bigtime !!

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photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Michael Eaton, Spankey Smith

Decker yawns, Poupard stares & the
boys sleep it off in Spankey's Magnette

Moss#23 #24pushedGrid 24Speed #24speed CauseyGrid
Sir Stirling Moss in the Camoradi
tipo 61 had the car fail again
Masten Gregory steers the
Camoradi Tipo 63 to the grid
Lucky Castner in the Tipo 63. Like
the others it never made it to nightfall
Gregory on front straight Dave Causey waits for the start.
But like the others, he was DNF
Briggs  #21Grid #21Speed #20Grid #20Hansgen
Briggs Cunningham drives his
Tipo60. The only Maser to finish
John Fitch getting ready in the
Cunningham formerly red Tipo61
Fitch in car he shared with Dick Thompson - yes they were DNF Cunningham Tipo 63 rear engine Birdcage.  Walt Hansgen leans on right rear of
the Cunningham Tipo 63
#8Aston1 #8B&W #8brokenHub
Sherm Decker early in the race before the
hub failed.  he and Bucher were fastest of the DB4GT's
The #8 Aston in the pits on race morning
showing the Spankey tape job
Note the LF wheel. The hub has broken
and this is last lap for the car
The sister DB4GT of Duncan Black
and Bob Grossman also failed
The Aston brain trust. David Ash, Decker, Bucher Rex Woodgate kneeling
#1&#4Corvettes #12speed #12jack #11damage #11Berlinetta
Delmo Johnson/Dave Morgan Corvette
was first US built car
Denise McLuggage &  Alan Eager won
GT with the aid of the barcboys
SWB Berlinetta having new tires
fitted on practice day.
The battered Berlinetta showing the
result of Decker's brake failure
Arents/Serena Ferrari showing its
"good side"