1961 LimeRock      Lime Rock Home

Photo Credits: Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas, Joe Terranova & Coldplugs.com

Lime Rock 1910 - course is right of the road
Roger Penske's Red Birdcage never
saw the checker.
Peter Ryan came down from Canada
but also failed to finish
Ryan's Lotus 19 was cutting edge
stuff and those cars won a lot
Spankey is after something as Giant
Steve Vail & Dave Zych look on
Rounds and Tierno.  I'm not sure if the
white on Joe's glasses are a scratch or
if he nerded them together with tape
Decker could do no better than 5th behind
Donohue & Signore in Couriers and
Peter Revson in a Morgan
Rene Ripley sits at the wheel of the hemi Ripley wagon waiting to head home to Ithaca. But who
is that sticking her tongue at the camera?