Classic Lime Rock course
1961 Lime Rock Nationals
July 1, 1961
This was a big weekend for BARC, but with mixed results.  Bucher blew up the Porsche.
The twin-cams could not beat the Couriers and Sherm was 5th, Rounds 6th, Poupard 7th.  Charlie Kurtz and Yenko carried the day by winning GModified & BProduction
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Photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych

Complete results
BARC member Charlie Kurt's
beautiful black Mk I Lola
Charlie fit that car like a glove
and was very successful
He was a great mentor to us and we
took loads of photos of our buddy
Fast?  You bet.  Here Charlie takes
the checkered flag on a victory lap
How can an MGA get that twisted?
Decker hammers the fast downhill
Rounds with an uncharacteristic
octogan and #28 behind Sherm in 6th
Poupard looks a lot more in control
in his 7th place twin cam
Binghamton's Gerry Rollo raced to 9th
Harry Carter, Lotus 20 won most F Jr
races at Lime Rock, but was 2nd today
Grady Davis in the second team Corvette
battles the Carrera of Fred Hoffman
BARC member Don Yenko's Vette
won BP and ws 4th overall
Charlie Hayes Berlinetta won the
big bore production race