61 Entry to #81
SCCA Regional Races
BARC was there with Bob Poupard (who was listed as Pompard),
Ted Rounds, Don Yenko, Chuck & Suzie Dietrich and Rip Ripley.
Also there but not well known yet - Peter Revson and IROC founder
Jay Signore

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photo credits:  Spankey Smith, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych,

61 Entry from #82
Archie Means ex-John Fitch 200S
C. Henry wins HP in an MG-TC
Are those 14" wheels on the front?
The Poupard twin cam gets ready to eat
the MG TD of Akron's C. Fela
Ted Rounds chases Bob Poupard
Both beat Peter Revson's Morgan
Buffalo's Art Smith was a good driver and
a nice guy from Ecurie Pip !
Something you don't even see in vintage racing.  Harold Cunningham's Sprite racing with F. Steger's TD Sarkis Sognahalian pushing his Alfa.  Sarkis
was a legend in garage owners in Binghamton but for all the wrong reasons
Don Yenko in one of Grady Davis'
gorgeous BP vette's 
  Late afternoon as Nicholas strolls across
the Lake Erie Country club for awards
Herb Swann won the feature but had to pass
Yenko to get to the front.