1961 Results

SCCA Nationals - Sept 5, 1960 and Sept 4, 1961
BARC returns for 1960.  A new star is born in Mark Donohue. Decker & Poupard twincams are simply overpowered, Constantine beats the Maserati's.

For the 3rd year, 1961, we have Bucher's RSK winning FM;  Poupard in his twin cam and Charlie Kurtz on his way to a championship in the black Lola Mk I.  Porsche wins the feature - big front engined cars are at the end of their era.

photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Spankey Smith
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1960 Results
Mark Donohue in his Elva Courier was a
tough kid to beat in 1960
Thompson was another victory for the kid from Brown University - here with the checker Thompson was George Constantine's hom3
track and he blistered it in '60 with the Lister
The sun is going down as George brakes hard into
the final tight turns.
Bob Holbert's RS-61 was 4th OA and had to
move to DM because there were no other EM cars
Walt Hansgen in the red Cunningham birdcage
would win a lot in 1960 but was 2nd today
Roger Penske's RSK kept Holber honest
even though he had the smaller motor.
The black 250TR of Charlie Hayes parked it
near the pits for a DNF
Bob Poupards first year in the twin cam.  He
faced some tough competition.  Even Decker
could only finish 6th in EP this year
The rebel (Poupard is a Georgia boy) sits on the
grid with his crew.
At speed on the front straight, Poupards cars
were always clean and well prepared.
  1961 THOMPSON  
Charlie Kurtz caught at the green, note rear
wheels are spinning as he smokes off the line
Is Charlie whooping with joy as the Lola
destroys the field on its was to a National title
Great action into the last turn. Heuer's Scarab tries
to pass Bruce Jennings Cooper. Constantine's Ferrari trails and Bob Bucher's RSK follows
Harry Heuer's Scarab lifting its nose as it
accelerates up the start/finish straight