The first international the boys attended.  Zych and Nicholas drove with Spankey; Kelley with Kelley Sr.
Tierno took the train and peanut butter
Porsche Scored its First Sebring Victory with a
brilliant 1-2 finish
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photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley,Michael Eaton, Spankey Smith
#44Porsche #42Porsche #43&#46Porsche #43Porsche
Bob Holbert / Roy Schecter Porsche
was 2d and nearly won
The winning Porsche sits next to
DeBeauforts Carrera
#42 in practice with Graham Hill.
Gendebien & Hermann won in this car
Neither #43 or #46
finished today
Hill during race in #43 was DNF
with Jo Bonnier
#42HillBonnier #41Porsche Porsches Start #46Porsche
Bonnier & Hill confer in pits
in front of winning Porsche
Johnny Cuevas #41 Carrera
broke its crank 
Porsche pits
before the start 
The unusual yellow Porsche
finished just 1 lap and blew up
Roberto Mieres / Count von Dory
brothers Porsche was DNF
#24pits #24-2 #24MAserati
Dave Causey Luke Stears
Birdcage did 169 laps
Sitting in the grass
area behind pits
Causey brings the Maser into pits
with a balky gearbox
Causey warms the Tipo 61
on race morning
Gurney in the #23 Birdcage
nearly made it to finish
#23Moss #25speed #25MAser #25Pits
Stirling Moss shared Camoradi
Birdcage with Gurney
Early in the day Moss laps the
#50 Alfa of O'brien & Horn
Walt Hansgen on the Pit straight.
This car won a lot in SCCA later
Cunningham Tipo 61
Ed Crawford driving
Red colored car was
rare for a Cunningham car