Formula III's were great at Lime Rock.  Lex duPont owned the lap record until Roger Ward took it away in 59 in the famous "Race"  Here are some classic Lime Rock FIII shots from the
August 1960 regionals

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photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Spankey Smith
John Fitch was one of America's first grand road racers, even earning a factory drive with Mercedes at LeMans.  He had quite a history with Lime Rock as well - much of it controversial involving who designed and built Lime Rock.

To the right is a letter from Jim Vaill, the man who built Lime Rock, to Comp Press in 1960 after Fitch left the track.  Did Fitch quit or was he fired??
Formula III on the grid.  I think
this is the August race as there is no
#11 in the results for July
George Alderman and fans
L-R Barbara Jorison, Renee O'Leary, Mario Castello and teammate Ed Carpenter
Can you imagine SCCA allowing a FF winner in 2008 putting a great
looking gal in his lap for a victory tour?
This was the August race at LR
and not the messed up July races.  Note FJr headed to grid
Alderman has many reasons to
smile as he poses with the checker
including Ms O'Leary
OK, it's not a FIII car but it is Jim
Haynes in the Jocko FJr - described
as an "evil machine"
Harry Carter arrives back at the pits,
his sponsor Freddy Bowles loaded
down with cameras
Paul O'Shea leans against
a truck while his
Junior is fueled.
Spankey Smith, Jim Haynes (c) and tall Don Auray look over Auray's FIII