Results of July Nationals
A big controversy at the July Nationals when SCCA decides to do a split start for FIII and FJr.  Things go wrong and a big shunt darkens the day.  BARC was at Lime Rock many times this year
including the spring coming out of the Rounds twincam, the July Nationals
(followed by the Newport Jazz Fest) the August regionals and the September Regional finals.

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1960 Lime Rock - "The Race"

photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Spankey Smith
Denise McCluggage in a serious
mood.  Harry Carter in black shirt and
Mac Tilton behind Denise
Constantine dominates the shot - he
was a big man. Paul O'Shea on right
Skip Callanan on left of the Greek
Newt Davis in red, hand to mouth,
Charlie Kolb, silver hair-black shirt
Jerry Titus far left, long surfer hair
As a BARCboys reader you should
be able to identify 10 of these drivers..
I just gave you 9
Denise pushes her car to the grid
But was this July or August?
The new Stickley twincam with (L-R)
Dave Zych, Ted Rounds, Karl Stickley
and Ron Hadlock
Ted is ready t go out and see
what the extra power brings on
a cold April morning
Sitting on the practice grid with a
Porsche and a school instructor at
MGCC races
Nicholas in straw hat greets Charlie
Kurtz and Sandra as they head to the
start grid where Kurtz will win DP
Sherm Decker, ever present
cigarette dangling, was the master
of the SU carbs
Harry Carter sits and listens to
Newt Davis joke about something.
Newt in his famous red socks
  Denise waits on the grid  while
SCCA gets things straight
Charlie Kolb wins another FJr
race in 1960.  Easier to name the
ones he didn't win
Start of the F Jr race with Kolb in
the middle, Constantine inside in
the evil Wainer
Pinky Windreidge in the Cunningham
Stanguellini talking with Momo
Heuer brings the Scarab to Lime
Rock in August to see what this little
track is all about
The car broke, but Harry and his gang
had a blast at the Lime Rock Lodge
hosted by Newt Davis
Crew chief Rick Potter, a thespian & actor saw Gord MacKenzie's kilts and
put on a Scottish brogue all weekend
The famous 029 racer is now a road
car and in 1960 visits its old haunt