1960 Results
SCCA National Races
May 15, 1960

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photo credits:  Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John Kelley
Cars head into the track on practice
day. Floyd Aaskov escorts the
Berlinetta of Dean McCarthy
This was as close as you got
to hi-tech support.  A new 1960
Chevy Impala wagon as a tow car
Charlie Kurtz is pushing his
ACBristol hard to get 3rd in DP
Bob Grossman heads out in his
California after practice.  He would
have a rare dnf on race day
Production car battle as Mike Mims
leads winner McCarthy and Pierre
Mion's California.  McCarthy was DQ'd
BARC #66 Bob Poupard in the EP
MGA twin cam leads Richard
Hayes Alfa
Ted Rounds BARC #75 looks under the
bonnet of his twin cam with Hank van Duesen's #69 behind
 Rounds at speed could do no
better than 11th at Cumberland
The late Duncan Black scorched the EP field in the Daimler. Doc Thompson on the grid
in the Stingray wonders about
Practice time when everyone went
out to scout the track.  Holbert next to a Corvette followed by an F Jr
Another pairing of practice
strange bedfellows as a Corvair
follows a Ferrari
Don Berman's XK150 coupe gets
all sideways chasing a Porsche
The big Gates Lister is still going
in front of Ray Gross' Porsche
Gene Parsons 2.0 Ferrari had 777
here but raced as 779 to 7th overall and 4th in EM