The paddock was outside the track on a hill above the start/finish line.  Great spectating for the racers and their families

The boys drove up in Spankey's MG Maganette. It was a long haul but most of us had never been to that part of New England.  We quickly found out Thompson was almost a suburb of Newport, RI and we went investigating.  Perhaps it is a good thing Spankey is no longer with us, because we had a pretty good time in Webster, or as the localscall it "Web-stah" and got home late. 

It was also the weekend Nicholas fell in love with Linda Oulton, whose father turned out to be the King of racing Mini's.  At right, the Kat wears the barcboys uniform straw hat while future great racer Ray Stone (whose father Floyd was an SCCA heavyweight and George Oultons's partner) sits in the family Karman-
Ghia and Linda doesn't know what to do with 2 suitors. R below, Linda wears the BARC hat.  This photo actually won a contest for Nicholas.

Wonder where Linda Oulton is now and how Ray Stone is doing Any answers?

photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Spankey Smith
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Two FIII's fight it out side by
side coming past the pits
Lex duPont takes the checker
in FIII during Saturdays final event
for FIII and unrestricted
Sir Alfred Momo behind the wall watching the GP-HM race with Mrs
Momo - Ask Tierno about her. . .
Phil Forno takes the HM win in his
first race of the day
Momo goes for a victory lap ride as does John Kingsley
first in GP in his Alfa
Holbert's RSK flies by a
Fraser-Nash on Friday's practice day
Traver McKenna's Vette passes
Constantines F Jr in practice
Grossman's California raced in
D Modified and was 2d to Connell
in D Modified- then drove it home
Frank Baptista leads Constantine's FJr on Saturdays combined race The Rebel Bobby Poupard in his
first MGA.  We barely knew him then
The Unlimited grid on Saturday
included George Weavers
Maserati 4CLT F1 car
John Meyer builds and drives his Meyers Specials - today to a win Meyer gets his props on Saturday
from madras shorted Ragsdale
The crowd on the outside of the
pits dressed a bit differently
nearly 50 years ago
Joe Tierno and John Kelley sit on top of   Cunningham's transporter.  Beverly Hansgen sits in front
Frank Wagenhofer's Carrera was
second to Harry Blanchard
Bob Colombosian's Lister Bristol
did not finish the main event
Meyer's car is done racing for the
day and is ready to drive home
Trotter brings the pretty #117
back home
Thompson's owner George Weaver's
Poison Lil' Maser GP car