Rain out story in Comp Press
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Don Cooke was a young enthusiast and budding photographer.  He has kindly donated these shots
from a 1959 Lime Rock regional race.  This page shows the last Sunday race at Lime Rock in April 1959.  BARC member Bob Bucher won the race after a long duel with Art Riley.  Bucher was in the
famous Spankey Smith 029, Riley in his familiar Volvo.  Don tells the story that after the racing was
stopped a guy landed his Cessna 172 and taxi'd up and down the track trying to dry it off
Competition Press told the story in its paper.

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photo credits: Don Cooke

Sunday Races are gone
April 1959 Art Riley and Bob
Bucher have a classic battle 
Start of Race 1 on Sunday April 20
Riley is already up to 3rd, Bucher is
far back
It was a huge field.  Here is the back half of race 1 at the start End of lap 1 and Riley's Volvo is pushing the lead MG's hard including a TD !  Now Riley leads but Bucher is coming
fast now in 4th
Jake comes up to challenge Riley  Bucher gets to the inside of Riley near
the end of the race 
Art fights back and Bucher cannot
get away. 
The MG still leads and Bucher was
able to hold it to the end 
Bucher (stripped shirt) and Spankey
look at 029 in the paddock. 
Start of race 2 with a Porsche pulling
away.  An Alfa would catch him
The lake is getting bigger as the
rest of the field comes by
Cessna rolls down front straight
trying to dry the course
The pilot would taxi to the run off area
turn around and taxi back
The rest of the pack race 1.  Look at the lakes forming on either side of the track
  A well dressed spectator walks by
ignoring the big M-B sedan behind him
Harry Reynolds knows this Porsche.  A 1 off 4 seater that Porsche did not approve. Body by Beutler of Thun Quite a car in its day.
A Peerless GT