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photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Michael Eaton, Spankey Smith
Briggs Paddock BriggsLister GelderFerrari McKenzie-Penske
The great man, Briggs Cunningham
sits in his Lister-Jaguar
Briggs driving smoothly
in Big Bend with the Lister
Gus Andrey leads Penske's RSK
They finished in that order
Ed Gelder smoking
in his Ferrari
Penske in the swooping
left.. the only left at Lime Rock
GusAndrey 2 GusAndrey SesslerColor
Swiss expatriate living in New
England, Gus Andrey's Ferrari
Andrey was always relaxed and
fast in his Ferrari
Practice and Phil Forno goes
by #31 XK150
Don Sessler was 2d O.A.
in Sebring RSK
Sessler's RSK in the esses
emreyson FIII cars
Jim Haynes won in #19 and would run
Lime Rock for years after
duPont in his Cooper, but he's not
listed in results- broke in practice?
Paul Richards gets is sideways on
his way to 2nd place
An Emeryson FIII driven
by Bob Dahnken
Can you hear that
blat-blat from the F3's?
Denise McLuggage goofing
around with a great hat
Frank Twait's Fraser-Nash leads
Gerry Rollo's Morgan
Corner workers in 1959 don't look a whole
lot different than they do today
Vern Jones work was for naught
as #120 was a DNS
Deluxe camping Formula III style. 
This spot is now full of $500,000 motor
homes !!