Lime Rock's big events were on 4th of July weekend.
Practice & races on Saturdays, never on Sunday, and the mains on Monday
The BARCOYs loved the day off to party - and so did everyone else

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photo credits: John E. Kelley, Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, Spankey Smith

Lime Rock from the air
Aston3 Constantine S's Aston5 Aston2 Aston4
Constantine hard at work in
the Elisha Walker Aston DBR2-2
Constantine's Aston DBR2-2
was sensational in 1959
And he always drove the
wheels off it
Constantine was a big man, in a Big
car making Big sounds
The Greeks work paid
as he won the day
Newt #1RS GordonMcKenzie RS and Ctype
local entrepreneur Newt Davis
550RS represented Lime Rock Lodge
Harry Blanchard  moves up to a
550RS from his Carrera
Hansgen leading the race in
the Costin Lister but not for long
Gordon MacKenzie was always at
Lime Rock in  his well raced C type
Newt  Davis & Gordon MacKenzie
fighting it out
PhilFornoClose PhilForno Penske PenskeColor #52-49-60
Phil Forno in the Cunningham
Porsche 550 SR
Phil was quick in the older car
against the newer RSK's
Roger Penske's RSK hard
at work in big bend
Penske's well known #6, a racing
number he favors to this day
Aston & Lister lapping C-type in
a bunch of Brit sports racers
#39Vette Grossman GrossmanColor #31off-#23Porsche
Bob Mouat's well known black Vette
wearing 571 was 5th
Dick Jalbert's very fast Corvette
finished 3rd
Great car beat all the Vettes and
then Grossman drove it home
Grossmans California Ferrari with
the front taped to avoid stone chips
Big XK-150 Jag failed in
practice and did not race