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Giants Despair Hillclimb always had a road race attached to it.  When the Brynfan Tyddyn track became too narrow and dangerous the location was changed to Berwick, just southwest of Wilkes-Barre.  The Berwick track was originally a tank testing facility and not much of a challenge.  The town was better known for being the home of Wise Potato Chips and when they were cooking - you knew it.
photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Spankey Smith

Berwick Course
Bucher in the Lotus 11 Club The GM grid with Bucher next to
Jim Forno's Elva
Bucher talks things over with friends
on the practice grid
The view of the last turn from
the outside of the track
Preston Smith's Elva
Start of the modified race with
Penske leading
Penske was so superior he even
lapped 3rd place Gordon MacKenzie
Millard Ripley in the #184 Porsche 550 chased Penske to 2d place MacKenzie did a great job in his
venerable C Type
Penske showed great driving skills
even this early in his career
Butch Hollenbeck and Tierno look
over Dan Wilcox's AC
Bucher is probably hoping grinning Nicholas doesn't touch anything Ripley's newly purchased 550 RS Joe Tierno poses next to Penske's
RSK which is blocking his MG
Penske on the grid has a chat
with Lisa
Mike Shaughnessy's
I Production SAAB
Col Paul Hyatt raced his Aston
coupe for years in the east
The Berwick track still exists and is
now known as test track park
Charlie Beidler was a great
character and Porsche pusher
Porsche's racing into the last turn