Sports Car article on 59 races
1959 BERWICK &
The Giants Despair Hillclimb is a 1 mile run held in Laurel Run, PA
near Wilkes-Barre that started in 1906.  Elevation change is 650'
This classic hillclimb exists today.  For more information

photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Spankey Smith
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Giant's Despair Course
Start of the FP race and Ted
Rounds in the Sebring MG digs out
Lap 1 and Rounds already has
a commanding lead over Bucher
Rounds claims the Sebring cars
close ration gearbox won for him
Rounds claims the checkered
flag in victory
Bucher did his best in 029
Tierno & Nicholas give Wild Bill Terry advice - Roberto Anzalone (R) the
Italian tailor looks on
Bill clearly did not listen and went
off into the woods.  Here he gets
towed back to the paddock
The great Howard Hanna brought a
modified DB that easily won HM
Spankey Smith takes his watches
and clipboard to the grid
Today Bucher and 029 would
have to settle for 2nd
Many local folks only entered the hillclimb.. here is Paul Sikes Gordon Thomas brought his Healey from Williamsport for the climb Col Paul Hyatt drove his Aston up the hillclimb and around the road race Ted Rounds in the 57 Sebring MGA won the climb and the road race George Squire's Berkeley made
a ton of noise
The BARC compound at Devil's
Elbow - Zych TD; Kelley Jeep, no
idea whose Healey
Eells Kelley sits atop the Jeep and is
amused by Joe Tierno's style.  Is this the early Captain Morgan pose?
Tierno dons his driving gloves and
holds a cold can of beer as he waits
for action in the drainage ditch
Tierno in his classic pose - arms
outstretched urging Penske to a win
Then Joe retires to Zych's TD to
finish off his quart of Gibbons.  Has nothing changed in 50 years?