58 Results Pg 1
SCCA National Races
May 18, 1958

A very different time in racing - Formula III's provided great action and the new small bore
brit machines from Lotus and Elva were buzzing and winning.   Corvettes were
finally showing their V8 muscle and beating the 300SL's.  A dozen Ferrari's everywhere

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photo credits:  Spankey Smith, Larry Holbert - results Terry O'Neil and the Williams brothers

58 Results Pg 2
Is it Doc Wyllie or Peg driving the #2 Lotus?  Peg was 2d, We think Doc did not drive that weekend
Charlie Kurtz gets ready to pass a
Fairthorpe Electron of Bob Willoughby
BARC battle.  Chuck Dietrich leads Millard Ripley early in the race Tom Gilmour leads Brad Howe
and Ray Saidel in GM race
Rip Ripley takes the checker
for 3rd place in GM
Priceless 300SL's battle it out with Bob Rubin nearly losing it #99 Fred Windridge wins BP
and here leads Evelyn Mull's AC
Don Wolf takes the checker for
5th in FP
Ripley hounds the old Ferrari Mondial R Ferguson's beautiful little
OSCA 750

58 magazine results
Bob Kahmer leads Harry Whitney but Whitney wins with Bob 2nd Jim Haynes in a nice slide in his
Cooper FIII
Paul Richards Cooper FIII
could do no better than 6th
Haynes pushes the Hagy's
newer Mk V Cooper

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Roger Penske Vette chases #90
Ferrari of Paul Norair

Bob Holbert, family & friends
after the race

Denise in 550RS

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