1957 Sebring MGA EX178/49
1957-58 JS Inskip/David Ash,  1958 Morris Garage
1959 Ted Rounds,  1960-67 Dave Zych
1967-75 Jerry Bouton, 1975 Derrick Durst
1975-99  Gerry Goguen
1999 to present  Ron and Michael Eaton

factory EX motor, close ratio gearbox, oil cooler, 4.55 final  drive, large capacity fuel tank w/quick release filler cap, racing windscreen

Probably no other MGA has had its photo in so many ads, book covers, film and countless other publicity items.  Most of this happened because of David Ash, the driver of the car at the 1957 Sebring race and its highly recognizable twin blue stripes and octagons.  Ash was a fantastic publicist and made himself and the car headliners.  In 1958 the car went to Gordy Morris of Morris Garage outside Oneonta, NY.  In those days all the fastest A's came from Morris Garage partly because Sherm Decker was the chief mechanic in the garage.  In 1959 Ted Rounds bought EX178/49 and campaigned it the whole year.  Ted found a few items that were "special" on the car, but fixed them to SCCA specs .  EX178 was raced 8 times in 1959 and came away with 4 wins.  Rounds and EX178/49 were in some epic battles against Bob Bucher in Spankey Smith's #029.  Rounds handed 029 one of its few defeats at Berwick that year.  The Cosmos is aligned, and today, both 029 and EX178/49 are owned by BARC people and the cars have been reunited several times.  I wonder if the cars remember those days ?
029 and EX178 side by side at the top of the esses at the Glen - scary place Sebring MGA home Michael Eaton & Joe Tierno stand
beside their two old protagonists
57 Sebring car Page 2 Rounds and Bucher at the sharp end of the 1959 MGCC races at the Glen