The course in 1956
Finally the US gets a real, bona fide international sports car race.
Fangio and the Ferrari team appear along with Maserati, Aston Martin and the return of Jaguar.

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Photo credits: Craige Pelouze,  ProgramCoversProject

1956 Sebring Results
thanks to Darren Galpin
The 150S Maserati bunch sits on
the start grid before the race.  Not
one of them made the finish
They're off at 10am running across
the track for a traditional
Le Mans start
Middle of the grid start has the #53
and #63 Lotii and a bundle of
Arnolt Bristols
The brand new MGA team is across
the track and getting into their mounts 
The MGA's are off and all 3 finished
19th, 20th & 22nd
Corvette is here in force with 3 cars
entered by the mysterious "Raceway Enterprises" #6 finishes 15th
Corvette corral with #7 private car of Ernie Erickson & Chuck Hassan.  Car was a dnf after 22 laps Beautiful A6GCS with a T number
but no old Maser is listed as having practiced
This guy is proud to pose with the
#53 Lotus 9 of Joe Shepherd that
ran well but was DQ'd.
53 was DQ'd for illegal repairs -
probably out on the course, here
this fix is done in the paddock
Peter Collins shared this Aston with
Moss but the gearbox broke. Collins chases the #47 150S Maserati
Briggs Cunningham drives his
finned D Type into the last turn at dusk Briggs & J Gordon Bennett were 12th
The first turn is still the same after
all these years.  What a beautiful
sunny Florida day in 1956
Bill Lloyd's retired 150S sits in the
paddock after its gearbox broke 
Loyal Katskee's D Type was involved in the nasty Menditiguy accident and retired early
A nasty little brushfire on the infield
and hardy citizens put it out
After the esses into the hairpin.  Look carefully at the white car hung up on the sandbank Sitting on top of an old barracks
building watching the cars go by. 
An Oldsmobile 2 seat concept
car draw's lots of attention.
A spectator's Allard J2X in street
trim next to a 53 Bel Air