The race course 1951 & 1957 BRIDGEHAMPTON
After WWII racing on the roads happened from 1949 - 1953.  The new circuit
opened in 1957.  When you compare the two construction photos you can see some
of the old course still exists.
The first race on the permanent track in 1957 had Phil Hill all the way from California
in a John Edgar Ferrari battling with the Cunningham D Types.  Walt Hansgen
won starting a string of victories that made him the King of the Bridge

61 Bridge   Bridgehampton Home   BARC Home
photo credits:  Lopu Schultz, Holbert Family, Bob Kahmer, DuPont family, Spooner Central, Ash Automobilia

The Golf Course
1951 Winner was Briggs Cunningham in this Ferrari
166 Inter
1951 second was also a Cunningham car, this Ferrari 195 for Phil Walters Formula III's on the road.  John Fitch on the right and Peter Dillnut on the left The famous Chevron Bridge at the start of the 1966 Can-AM The same Chevron Bridge
Front of the grid. Note Jags are 1-2-3 but Hill in row 4 Rear of grid sees #10 John Kilborns Ferrari and Duncan Blacks XK-SS #11 Hansgen has Alfred Momo in the victoious D Type.  From the local newspaper Phil Hill leads 2 D Types into
the valley of lefts
Hazy shot taken from far away that shows the great battle between Hill and Charley Wallace
Fabulous period shot of the main building and start banner Bob Holbert on the grid in his 550RS.  Holbert finished 3rd in FM race and 4th overall in the main The Holbert family relaxes at the Maidstone hotel lot An unidentified but proud
FIII driver shows his trophy
Spectators wander the course
overlooking Sag Harbor